Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome & Currently April

Welcome! I am so glad you're here. 

I am a teacher blogger (or at least I want to be)! I have tried to succeed in the blogging world but too many real world things have gotten in the way. 

Now I am back and ready to make another go of it with a totally different plan. The new plan is to actually have a plan! :)

A big thanks to those of you who have returned after my long absence. I promise to make it worth your while to stick with me. And to those of you who are new to my little piece of the internet check out my "About Me" section and let's get to know each other better! 

And don't forget to leave me a note with your blog link so I can follow you as well!

I love Farley's Currently posts! I look forward to them all month long. Join up if you get the chance!

Listening - My students are getting some time to read today. Yay!

Loving - Unlike the rest of the country California has been unseasonably warm. It doesn't even feel like we had a winter and we are desperate for rain! The last couple of days have been cool and rainy and I am loving it!

Thinking - We are field testing the SBAC and we are taking our tests BEFORE spring break. AHHHH!

Wanting - Our spring break is so late this year. We don't start until April 18th. Crazy! (But that also means less time until summer break when we get back!)

Needing - There is a place down the street that gives full-body, hour-long massages for $20. Oh how I need this but, alas, there is no extra time!

Hours & Last Day - I get to work at 7:00 (I am up at 5:30!) and the kids start at 8:00. They are out at 2:30 and I go to pick up my own kiddos between 3:00-3:30. It's a pretty solid day. On Thursdays my students are out at 1:20 to make time for our grade level PLC meetings. 

Wishing You Well!

For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.