Monday, August 13, 2012

A Brand New Year

One of the awesome things about August is that I get to recreate my classroom! We have to pack up everything in June so I get to start from scratch. I used to think this was extremely annoying but I realized I love analyzing my classroom usage each year and making it better plus I love change! For example I have had my desk in every corner of the room since I started teaching. (It does drive my DH a little crazy that I always want the big furniture moved...every year...) This year I have decided the big stuff is going to stay put but I am going to use the smaller spaces in some very different ways.

I was finally able to get into my room this morning and took some "before" pictures. Enjoy! The final reveal will be on the first day of school - August 29th!

When they clean the carpets everything gets pushed to one side...and I have to move it all back but at least the carpets are clean!

My major goal in the next two weeks - get the top of this cabinet clean!

I'm going with bright and colorful this year! I think I'm going to have the kids do an opening week activity where they pick a color that describes them and talk about how colors affect's in the works.

I got these magnetic white boards to go with my CAFE bulletin board...only $3 each! I'm going to make magnets with the kids names to go with them!

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Kim said...

Hi Des:

We must be communicating from Blogger Beyond... I have the same borders and white boards!

I hope you get your room set up "just right" and that the new school year is a wonderful one!

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