Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fighting Clutter

I simply cannot believe the amazing amount of "stuff" there is in my classroom. I realized the other day that I have "lived" in my classroom longer than I have lived in my current house. No wonder there is so much clutter! I have been making some gains but the de-cluttering is going to take much longer than I expected. I have kept up with my schedule for about two weeks and then other matters took precedence. I also realized that some areas I thought I could get done in a certain time frame are taking waaaay longer. Boy am I worn out!

This is my cart I store my projector and document camera in. Before I cleared it out I could barely fit the projector and document camera. You would think I could take that as a hint...

Check out the change in this table from my previous post here.

The bookshelf behind my desk had binders that I hadn't opened since I got them my first year of teaching...this is my ninth. Buh-bye! This photo is another drastic change from the "before"!

I am proud of the things I have done so far and every day I have (at least) a trash can full of stuff. I am also taking a pile of things up to the teacher's lounge once a week. With every little bit I can feel weight lifted from my shoulders. What a great feeling!
Check out The Clutter-Free Project here.


Kim said...

WOW! You're making great progress.
I have that same "bucket" in my room--only mine is red. Whenever I tell the kids what it is for, they are completely freaked out. LOL.
Happy week ahead... There should be a day off in there somewhere!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Lyndsey (a year of many firsts) said...

Love your blog! It is adorable. I ADORE The Clutter-Free Project blog. It's such a relief when you get organized...isn't it?

I am your newest follower! Come check out my blog.