Monday, January 9, 2012

Clutter-Free Classroom - Challenge #1 (The Before Photos)

Ok...this is a really big deal for me. I do not share my messes with others. I hope this is all part of the process of healing! I groaned as I took each picture but kept telling myself that it will get better. I feel like I spend so much time with my kids that cleaning takes a back seat but I also know that if it were clean and organized I could get more done and spend even more time with the kids. It's a conundrum. (Just as a side note...I teach 6th grade but we are still an elementary school so I teach all subjects.) I can't wait for that cathartic feeling of a good purging! So without further stalling, here it is, in all it's classroom!

The first two photos are my classroom library which is actually fairly organized. I spent a good portion of time when I had a student teacher getting it all set-up but it needs some TLC.

 These two photos are my back cabinets. At the moment they just store stuff I haven't used in years! Why am I holding onto it all?

 An extra bookcase that I procured for more storage because I have too much stuff!
 This is the biggest eyesore in the room because it just all sits there. I keep cleaning it off and it keeps piling up. HELP!
 This is a table that I would like to use for conferences with my kids but it just holds papers to grade and stuff already graded. Notice there aren't even chairs there?
 These are the stacks behind my desk. I actually know where everything most people do...but I know it sends the wrong message about me.

 My desk has been pretty clean this year but that's because I keep throwing stuff behind me!
Bring it on! I'm ready!
If you want to join in check out the Clutter-Free Classroom!


Clutter-Free Classroom said...

Thanks for linking up. I can't wait to see your progress!

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Ms.M said...

It looks like you have great storage pieces. You just have to reorganize.

Ms. M
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Kim said...

"My desk has been pretty clean this year but that's because I keep throwing stuff behind me!"

Okay, that was my first laugh all day! Thanks for that.

So glad to find your blog. Thanks for following me. Now I'm following YOU!

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