Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thanks to Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my first ever "Currently". I am trying to learn all these fun little blog things. I even chose an OLW (one little word).
I have spent the last couple years being very downtrodden. The last year of school was the first time that I really, honestly stopped believing in my abilities as a teacher, all thanks to a "wonderful" administrator, and I hated it. There were a lot of things holding me down and holding me back. I really started to believe that all the negative stuff was true. I won't let someone else have that power over me ever again!
My goal this year is to believe and have faith that all things will work together for my good. I want to believe in me and know that what I am is enough. There are so many good things inside of me and I'm ready to stop hiding in fear of judgement or failure. I'm going to start living what I preach to my students everyday. In the words of Aibileen Clark:


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Heather's Heart said...

Yummy! I LOVE Mexican food! I am your first follower!

You were asked to be vice-principal because someone recognozied that was a place for you to touch the lives of even more kiddos!

I would love for you to come visit me! Check out my "teacher inspiration" under my labels. I share many of the poems I have written about how we need to look at our kiddos with our heart and not our eyes as well as the impact we can make on the lives of each little one in our classrooms. I would love for you to share those with your staff if you like them too! =)

Heather's Heart