Friday, January 20, 2012

School House Rock!

I believe music has a great power to help people both learn and memorize information. Why do you think the there is an ABC song? (I was so excited to hear my 2-year-old sing the whole thing at the grocery store yesterday!) There have also been many studies that confirm that music is an excellent way to learn information. Think about many songs to do have memorized?

When I was growing I watched School House Rock. To this day I remember many of the songs that were featured on the show. 

So I decided to buy the School House Rock set for my classroom and I have not been disappointed. My students start off thinking it's really corny because the videos were made in the 70's but then they realize the music is fun and they remember concepts. I love hearing humming during tests!

I would definitely recommend this DVD to all teachers at all grade levels. They even have a new song on the 30th anniversary edition that explains how we elect our president, which would be a perfect tie-in this year!

So do you integrate music into your curriculum? What do you use?

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