Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Reads - Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy #1)


Wither by Lauren DeStefano is the story of a world in turmoil. The heroine, Rhine, has only four years left to live and she is only 16. Scientists have perfected the human race but only for one generation. Their children are dying - boys at 25 and girls at 20. Scientists are racing to find a cure and young girls are kidnapped to be brides in wealthy families to produce heirs before they die.

In the opening of the story, Rhine is kidnapped and locked up in a mansion to wed wealthy Lindon with two other young girls (yes, this is a polygamous relationship), servants and creepy father-in-law. She desperately wants to escape but knows it will take time. While working out the details, she finds solace in a servant who helps to form the story's love triangle.

I found this book to be interesting but a little strange. The premise is hard to believe and a well-written dystopian novel should be believable. That's one of the things that makes them so hard to resist!  Despite this I do want to know how everything turns out. I really like Rhine and want her to plans to succeed. I also want to know exactly what could possibly save the children of this future world. I have a very strong inkling that it has to do with Rhine's genetics. It's just too bad I have to read two more books to get there.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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