Monday, April 2, 2012

Currently...April 2012


This is quickly becoming my favorite party of each month...Farley's "Currently" at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!  She such a great job of bringing everyone together to share what's up. I especially love the last category this month. 

I had to think about it a little bit and went through a few ideas...the ability to create dishes and clothes that never get dirty, a shoe power to make any shoe comfortable all day long so I can wear all the wonderfully tempting shoes that call to me each morning, and even the power to make all kids love reading. (I realized that Donalyn Miller already has dibs on that one, although I do try to mimic it! If you haven't read her book, The Book Whisperer, do it now!) 

But I went with Insta-Meetings...the ability to take in all the info needed from any given meeting, in a fraction of the time, so I can move on with my life. Some meetings are great and I really appreciate the chance to discuss school matters but most are a drain on my time and energy.

My principal a few years ago did away with our weekly 7:30am staff meeting and just started emailing us very detailed weekly bulletins. It was genius! I immediately gained 30 minutes in my week. (I just couldn't believe there were teachers complaining because they now had to check their email every week...ahhhh! Could you even imagine checking your email only once a week?!)

So what are meetings like for you? Are they worth it or just a waste of time that you could be using for your family or your kiddos? Has your district or school found a way to minimize meetings or do they just pile them on?

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oh' boy said...

thanks for linking far as blog designers.... what I do is when I find a blog I really like the look of... I search amd search for the designer's name on that blog and then go and check out their portfolio... I am in the process right now with Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files... she is so sweet and AWESOME!!!