Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa in Malibu is one of my absolute favorite places to go. It went through some major renovations a couple years ago and I haven't missed a year since! It is a perfect spot for our 6th graders because it features the antiquities collection of the Getty Trust. We have a huge unit study on Ancient Greece and then we visit the Villa in the spring. Another great perk is that it is a FREE field trip. Admission to the Getty Villa (and the Getty Center) are free all the time but you do have to pay for parking. Most years we are able to get a FREE bus as well through the Title I fund that Getty supplies! Perfect place, perfect price!

The Getty has guided tours with Getty teachers and self-guided tours. We try to get a Getty teacher whenever we can because they have such amazing insights into the art AND they know how to work with kids.

We do talk to our students about nudity in art and how to react appropriately. It's actually pretty funny to watch them take it all in and still try to be mature about it. We teach them that if they are uncomfortable to say. "Hmmm...that's interesting" and walk to another piece of art. We also show them many of the art pieces before we go so they know what to expect.
They have a gallery dedicated to sports in ancient times.  It blows them away to find out that athletes often competed nude!

The Getty Foundation is an amazing resources even if you don't live in Southern California. Check out their website for all the resources available! The Getty

The Herb Garden is set up with plants that would have been used in ancient times.
The Outer Peristyle
If you're ever in California and want to go to the Getty Villa or the Getty Center I would be happy to be your personal tour guide! 

Walking these hallways makes me feel like I am vacationing in ancient Rome!

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